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Recent Residency News Updates

All the Residency News that's fit to print...

DGM transfers Eastern Regional Office in Punta Cana

The General Directorate of Immigration (DGM) makes public the transfer of the Eastern Regional Office to the Plaza Galerias Punta Cana, Local No. 69, second floor, in Punta Cana. This Sub-Direction provides immigration services and permits for minors. For more...

New Immigration Bill- A Plan To Protect All

Dominican Republic’s New Immigration Bill

The U.S. isn’t the only nation grappling with the challenges of immigration reform, along with the complexities of addressing the undocumented who live within their borders.

Amnesty To Haitian Children Born In The DR Rejected

Children Born Of Illegal Immigrants On Dominican Soil Are Not Dominican The Director of Immigration, José Ricardo Taveras, insists that media pressure should not permit an institutional crisis, in reference to the Constitutional Court’s announcement that...

DR Issues Warning To Employers Of Foreigners

As published in a full page ad in the Listin Diario on the 17th of September of 2013, the Migratory Agency issued a warning to all persons who employ foreign workers to make sure that all of them are legally documented and have all their papers in order. The statement...

DR Government reviewing all births from 1929 to 2007

Santo Domingo — The DR government  began to search and catalog all hard-copy books and records of births since 1929 to 2007. This was prompted by a request of the National Immigration Council (CNM) to list all foreigners that appear in the civil register. The...

Consulate of Haiti Makes changes In Issuing Documents

Haitian Consulate Introduces New Legal Forms To Collect Data The Consulate of Haiti in Dominican Republic ordered changes in the process of issuing documents for their countrymen interested in regularizing their immigration status which, in the words of those...

DR Government Remains Inflexible with Immigration Laws

The Dominican Republic continued to insist on its sovereign right to regulate immigration, and reiterated that a foreign citizen, Haitian or otherwise, wishing to enter Dominican territory must comply with the prescriptions of the country’s immigration laws. In...

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