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Children Born Of Illegal Immigrants On Dominican Soil Are Not Dominican

The Director of Immigration, José Ricardo Taveras, insists that media pressure should not permit an institutional crisis, in reference to the Constitutional Court’s announcement that children born of illegal immigrants are not considered Dominican nationals.

“That’s a legal and constitutional decision and should be respected by all Dominicans and foreign agencies,” Taveras said when reporters asked for his opinion regarding the proposal of some civil entities that Congress should declare an immigration amnesty to those already born to undocumented Haitian immigrants.

“The Constitutional Court ( TC ) has determined that the children of illegal aliens in transit, and born in the country, do not have Dominican nationality,” repeated the Director of Immigration, and stressed that foreigners in transit can modify their legal immigration status by obtaining a residence.

However, Children Born Of Legal Immigrants Have The Right

“That would encourage their children, born on Dominican soil, to acquire a Dominican nationality through ‘ ius soli’ or ‘right of soil'” said Taveras.

” We will not lift a finger to submit any proposed amnesty or anything that violates the law or the decision of the Constitutional Court,” said the official.

The Media Should Respect The Court

“This is a final decision,” he said. However, while everyone has a say, they must do so with caution and respect for the law and the sovereignty of the judges of the high courts.

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