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Haitian Consulate Introduces New Legal Forms To Collect Data

The Consulate of Haiti in Dominican Republic ordered changes in the process of issuing documents for their countrymen interested in regularizing their immigration status which, in the words of those affected, constitute barriers “in the interest of personal gain.”

The Haitian consul in the Dominican Republic, Anne Marie Sadin, introduced new forms to collect data from their countrymen interested in regularizing their immigration status and, in turn, decided to reject the documents that had previously been issued by the authorities of said country.

Haitians Seeking Documentation Not Happy

The arrangement has received resounding rejection by those affected. Due to the new arrangements private sugar companies now can deny pensions to elderly Haitian residents of Bateys because they lack documentation.

The measure was adopted after the manager of the National Archives, Wilfrid Bertrand, visited the Embassy of the country on Dominican territory to launch the arranged agreement with Sadin.

A birth certificate, according to Jean -Louis Lefevre, were easily obtained within three months after its cleared at the Consulate and reviewed at the National Archives of Haiti’s capital Port au Prince, a period which now due to the new regulations may take no less than six months.

According to Raymond Pierre , the Haitian Consulate has rejected the work done for years by NGOs and Catholic and Protestant churches to provide assistance to undocumented Haitians to obtain their passports and then their visas.

Haitian Consulate Accused Of Straining Haiti-DR Relations

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Dozens of Haitians affected by the measure realize that these limiting regulations were created by President Michel Martelly, who came to power among other reasons because he promised to regulate their immigration statuses.

For the Haitian Jocelyne Alexis Celestin, all the Haitian Consulate is doing is “tossing more firewood on the heated relations between his country and Dominican Republic ” because, in his view, the new rules difficult the issuance process. Most Haitians seem to feel that the new regulations are made to further only personal gain by the officials involved, regardless of damage to their own countrymen.

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