Dominican Holidays

Holidays in the D.R. are relative. That means that some stores may be closed and some may not. It is often up to each individual business. However, most public businesses such as banks do close on most of these days. In all cases expect an interruption in services and schedules.

Date Weekday Holiday name Holiday type
Jan 1 Friday New Year’s Day National holiday
Jan 9 Monday Epiphany National holiday
Jan 21 Thursday Our Lady of Altagracia National holiday
Jan 30 Monday Duarte´s Day National holiday
Feb 27 Monday Independence Day National holiday
Mar 20 Sunday March equinox Season
Mar 24 Thursday Maundy Thursday Observance
April 14 Friday Good Friday National holiday
May 1 Sunday Labor Day National holiday
May 2 Monday Labor Day observed National holiday
May 28 Sunday Mother’s Day Observance
June 15 Thursday Corpus Christi National holiday
Jun 21 Wednesday June Solstice Season
Jul 30 Sunday Father’s Day Observance
Aug 16 Wednesday Restoration Day National holiday
Sep 22 Friday September equinox Season
Sep 24 Sunday Our Lady of Las Mercedes National holiday
Nov 6 Monday Constitution Day National holiday
Dec 21 Thursday December Solstice Season
Dec 24 Sunday Christmas Eve Observance
Dec 25 Monday Christmas Day National holiday
Dec 31 Sunday New Year’s Eve Observance

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