What Do I Need To Reside Legally In DR?

Foreign nationals entering the country as a tourists, will need to pay US$10.00 for a tourist card at the airport which will allow a stay of 30 days. The Immigration Department is no longer allowing extension of tourist cards.  All foreigner who remain longer then 30 days,  will be charged a penalty at the airport upon departure. All who remain in the country past the 30 day limit are considered illegal. Those who wish to reside in the DR for more than 30 days and obtain legal status in the country, must obtain a Residency Visa via the Dominican Consulate in their country of origin and Provisional Residency via the Immigration Department in the DR.

Follow these steps:


Step 1: Obtain a Residency Visa

The first requirement to enter the country, if you wish to reside in the DR. More Info

Step 2: Obtain a Provisional Residency

This Residency will be good for up to one year, once the year is up same must be renewed. More Info

Step 3: Renew Provisional Residency

Renewal of provisional residency must be done yearly for four consecutive years. More Info

Step 4: Obtain Permanent Residency

The foreign national will qualify for permanent residency  after renewing provisional residency for four years. More Info

Step 5: Renew Permanent Residency

This process is done every four years. More Info

Step 6: Obtain Citizenship 

This is optional and not legally required. More Info

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