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President Danilo Medina met with the heads of diplomatic missions of Latin American nations in the country to discuss the position of the Executive Branch concerning the Constitutional Court judgment for Law 168-13 . The meeting took place in his private office on the third level of the National Palace .

Medina shared with the ambassadors the decisions taken by the National Migration Board at its most recent session, that the agency must submit the Foreigners Regularisation Plan no later than in 60 days.

Another measure adopted by the agency and that was informed to the diplomatic representatives, is the immediate creation of a National Institute for Migration and the appointment of its Executive Director.

The President thus complied with Law 168-13, which provides the opportunity to initiate the necessary regularization of immigrants, which for many years was not done due to the absence of a legal framework.

According to the official statement delivered after the session of the National Migration Board, it is in the interest of the Executive Branch to address the situation taking into account the human drama of those affected by the decision of the Constitutional Court Branch.

“The Dominican Government reiterates its commitment to the implementation of a clear and transparent immigration policy, in accordance with the mandate of the Constitution and Dominican law, and respectful of human rights and international agreements,” the official statement said.

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