Hello folks just wanted to dedicate a few lines to clarifying a common misconception regarding Dominican immigration. In a previous article, I mentioned that those who obtain residency as retirees, foreign or domestic investors can qualify for naturalization within six months of being issued their residency cards. A good number of people have contacted me to ascertain the veracity of this information as all research conducted by them has revealed that only foreign nationals who hold residency status for two years qualify for naturalization. Please allow me to set the record straight.

The requirement remains that foreign nationals only qualify for naturalization after holding permanent residency status for two consecutive years IN THE CASE OF THOSE WHO GO THROUGH ORDINARY RESIDENCY. Ordinary residency is the form of residency that the majority of foreigners apply for, which involves four years of provisional residency and then applying for permanent residency. In those cases, foreigners can apply for permanent residency after holding provisional residency status for four consecutive years and can apply for naturalization after holding two years of permanent residency.

The concession of applying for naturalization six months after being issued a residency card is only grated to foreign nationals WHO OBTAIN PERMANENT RESIDENCY THROUGH THE INVESTMENT DEPARTMENT IN THE IMMIGRATION. Keep in mind these folks never go through provisional residency but because of their status as investors and/or retirees are granted permanent residency from the outset. As an added incentive these foreign nationals are permitted the option of applying for naturalization in a relatively short period of time. This is an incentive programs set forth by the Dominican government to attract foreign investors and retirees.

As the government continues to put these incentive programs in motion we will keep you advised through future articles.

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