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Dominican Citizenship 

In light of the changes that have come about with the new immigration regulation, some have sought to establish citizenship in the Dominican Republic.  However, the changes in the regulation affect the time frame that makes citizenship possible.  In order to qualify for citizenship the foreign national must meet one of the following qualifications or categories:


Permanent Resident

Foreign nationals who hold permanent residency status for two consecutive years qualify for naturalization.  The process must be initiated 6-8 months prior to the expiration date that appears on the residency card. Foreign nationals must speak and read Spanish. Applicants under this category must take the Dominican Nationality Test.


Married to a Dominican Citizen

In the event the foreign national is male, he must have residency status for six months prior to applying for citizenship. He must also be married for a minimum of six months. Those who apply under this category do not require the Dominican Nationality Test.


Child of Dominican Citizens

In order to apply under this category the birth certificate of the Dominican parent must be provided.  Applicants under this category do not require the Dominican Nationality Test.


Things We Need From You

  1. Valid passport

  2. Birth certificate of Dominican parent (if category 2 or 3)

  3. Birth certificate of applicant with apostille

  4. Permanent residency card

  5. Dominican cedula (Dominican I.D.)

  * All other aspects of the process is handled by our firm


When the process is finished the applicant will obtain a  Dominican passport.  Please ask us about the benefit and the legal effects of obtaining a Dominican passport in detail.

Download Document You May Need

Naturalization Requirements (Spanish, PDF file)

Interview for Dominican Citizenship What you need to know Click Here...

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