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Permanent Residency Renewal

The Permanent Residency Card is renewed on the first year and then every other year.  To initiate the renewal process, send a copy of the picture page of your passport, copy of your residency card and cedula.  We will then schedule an appointment with Immigration. Allow at least three to four weeks to process.



  • Repatriation Insurance - (firm will obtain)

  • Photos - 2x2 frontal digital pictures without glasses or jewelry on white background (ears and forehead should be visible)

  • Last six month bank statements of your Dominican bank account (firm with obtain)

  • Bank reference letter of your Dominican bank account (firm with obtain)

  • Certificate of good conduct from the D.R.

  • Property title (if you own property)

Immigration is also requiring to show sufficient movement in your Dominican bank account. It may be necessary to deposit funds in your account in order to demonstrate sufficient solvency.

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