12 Visa-Free Countries Added to Dominican Passport

In the past year the Dominican Republic passport has increased in value. In less than twelve months it has obtain visa-free entry to the following 12 countries:

Paraguay Guatemala Jamaica - only holders of diplomatic passports Peru Nicaragua El Salvador Honduras Belice Colombia Qatar Brazil - agreement recently signed Spain - only holders of diplomatic passports

For a list of countries where a Dominican passport holder can travel visa-free and the conditions regulating a visit to the foreign country please visit the following link: https://www.migracion.gob.do/Content/main_side_banner_02.pdf (Please note that this list does not include the recently added countries).

We can expect this trend to continue in the coming months and years as the Dominican Republic´s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its representatives are striving to make reciprocal agreements with many countries where Dominicans can travel visa-free. Recently, the media has also commented on efforts being made to attempt to obtain visa-free entry to the Schengen countries in Europe.

Prior to obtaining a Dominican passport one must become a Dominican citizen. You may qualify to apply for Dominican citizenship if you meet any of the following conditions:

- if you have obtained permanent Dominican residency as an investors or pensioners, - if you have lived in the Dominican Republic for many years, - if you are married to a Dominican citizen and are currently a legal resident, - if your parent(s) are Dominican, - if you have made significant investments in the Dominican Republic and are currently a legal resident.

Maria Abreu

Abreu & Associates Immigration Services

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