DGM Clarifies AutoGate Registration Is Free And Not Mandatory.

SANTO DOMINGO, D.N. – The General Directorate of Migration (DGM) today clarified that the registration of Dominican passengers with the new equipment checks, Auto Gate, installed in the Las Americas Airport to expedite the process of arrival and departure of travelers, is free and is not mandatory.

In an explanatory note, the DGM indicates that “the service will be free for those who register until the 30th of June this year, 2016. After this period travelers wishing to use the mechanism must pay RD $ 995.00, which does not apply to minors or foreigners. “

“Registering with this modern equipment installed, Auto Gate, in Las Americas airport (SDQ) to ensure effective immigration control is not mandatory, and until June 30 registration will have a free grace,” notes the agency.

“It is not true that from June 30 travelers arriving in the country will have to pay $ 995.00 pesos to get through immigration, as erroneously reported in some digital outlets in the country. This is not mandatory, and also does not apply to foreigners or minors “, explains the note from DGM.

It clarifies however, that those who wish to register to expedite their departure or arrival at the airport will have the option to do so assuming the cost of $ 995.00, so you do not have to pay more for the duration of the validity of the passport.

That is, the passenger that registers a valid travel document for ten years, “pays only once, when registering, and that payment will serve during the term of your passport.”

With the new equipment installed in departures and arrivals areas, travelers that are previously registered in the biometric database of DGM, will not have to be checked before an inspector, which reduces to one minute and speeds up the process of checking passengers.

The DGM reiterates that the biometric registration process remains open for free at the main headquarters in downtown Los Heroes and the AILA, thus exhorting those interested to take advantage this grace period.

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