Did you Know Santo Domingo has a Great Subway System?

The Santo Domingo Metro is a rapid transit system in Greater Santo Domingo. Serving the capital of the Dominican Republic, it is the most extensive and second oldest metro system in the insular Caribbean and Central American region by length and number of stations.

The Santo Domingo Metro is part of a major "National Master Plan" to improve transportation in Greater Santo Domingo as well as the rest of the nation. The first line was planned to relieve traffic congestion in the Maximo Gomez and Hermanas Mirabal Avenue, connecting Santo Domingo with neighboring Santo Domingo Norte. The second line, which opened in April 2013, is meant to relieve the congestion along the Duarte-Kennedy-Centenario Corridor in the city from west to east. The current length of the Metro, with the sections of the two lines open as of August 2013, is 27.35 kilometres (16.99 mi). Before the opening of the second line, 30,856,515 passengers rode the Santo Domingo Metro in 2012. With both lines opened, ridership increased to 61,270,054 passengers in 2014.

Four more lines are planned to be constructed in the near future, for a total of six.

Recently an extension of the second line was completed connecting Greater Santo Domingo with Santo Domingo East. A new cable car system also services several more neighborhoods.

The cost per ride is 20 Dominican pesos.

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