DR and Spain Agree to Abolish Visa Requirement for Holders of Diplomatic Passports

The Dominican Republic and Spain have agreed that citizens of both countries, who are holders of diplomatic passports, may enter, circulate and stay for up to 90 days, without a visa, in either of the two territories.

Foreign Minister Miguel Vargas and Spain’s ambassador to the country, Alejandro Abellán García de Diego, signed the agreement during a ceremony held at the Chancellery’s Convention Center.

According to the agreement, the beneficiaries cannot exercise any remunerated activity during their stay, except for the one for which they were accredited.

“The signing of this agreement is one of a series of steps that we take to revalorize the Dominican passports. We have already achieved that several countries allow the entry of our citizens with ordinary passports without the need for visas. With others, it is agreed to grant the visa upon arrival, “said the Dominican Foreign Minister.

Vargas thanked Spain for this show of solidarity and recognition of the Dominican institutional strength. He also requested support for the Iberian country “to ensure that the Dominican Republic becomes part of the group of Ibero-American countries whose citizens can enter the Schengen area on short trips without the visa requirement.”

This area covers 26 European nations where travelers circulate free of border controls.

The agreement shall enter into force 30 days after the date on which the signatory countries notify each other that the document has been ratified in accordance with their respective legislation.

Likewise, the agreement allows the parties to modify it. Or that, upon notification, they suspend it, either totally or partially, for an indeterminate time. Provided that reasons of national security, of public order or of public health concur.

The diplomatic passport gives privileged treatment to travelers who carry it. It is granted to senior State officials, members of the Foreign Service and the Foreign Ministry, as well as their respective families. In addition, the Executive Branch may grant the document to persons deemed to deserve such a distinction.

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