Foreign Residents Urged To Finish Legalization Process.

Foreign residents in the Dominican Republic with an unfinished legalization process payments or penalties pending or incomplete documentation, from 2015 and 2016, must pass “soon” by the Directorate General of Immigration (DGM) to regularize their situation.

In a report posted on its website, the DGM is calling “all foreigners residing in the country that have begun the process to become legal and have not been completed, to stop by our offices to make their outstanding payments or complete their files”.

The migratory institution warns that the proceedings initiated have a valid time limit of one year to complete. If the one-year period ends without fulfilling the requirements, interested parties must start again from scratch, the process to legalize their stay in Dominican territory.

“We urge all foreigners in the country whose records are inconclusive, either pending penalties or incomplete documentation, to pass as soon as possible by our office to make the appropriate arrangements to legalize their stay in the country,” says the declaration from the DGM.

According to the Immigration offices, since 2015 there are 45 records of foreigners with “outstanding payments penalties” including expired visas, 30 day penalties, irregular visa payments, reactivation of residence, overstay fees, change of immigration status, file deposit payment, among others.

It also indicates that in 2016 about 23 incomplete records lack the documents needed to complete the deposit of the file, “so we call those interested to stop by our offices to conclude the deposit of all documentation for your case.”

Interested parties should pass from Monday through Friday to the Directorate General of Immigration, located at the Center of the Heroes of the National District, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm to conclude the formalities relating to the legalization of their immigration status in the country.

The DGM invites foreigners residing in the country to visit your page to verify “if your case is within the incomplete records or have any pending payment” so that they can regularize their stay.

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