How to Apply for a Dominican Residency Visa

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

  Most consulates require for residency visa applicants (visa required in order to apply for residency in the Dominican Republic) to make a personal appearance at the time of submitting the visa application. However, in the case of some consulates allowances are made so that applicants can mail in both documents as well as passports in order to avoid lengthy trips.

 Once the required documents are received, the file is evaluated and upon approval of the visa the consulate will seal the passport and return to the applicant along with original documents.

 Due to this concession, it has been possible to submit applications along with a complete file to the Consulate while the applicant is in the Dominican Republic. Be advised that the Immigration Department charges a penalty for those who receive visas without an entry stamp on their passport.

 For those who have the option of going this route or would like to start preparing the needed documents for the residency visa process there are a few steps that can be accomplished while in the DR. For example, for Americans and Canadians our office is able to assist with the translation of documents. [All documents need to be translated either by a consular translator or a licensed judicial translator in the DR].

  We can help you request an FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) or RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) background checks, which are needed for the visa and residency processes.

 For Americans we are also able to apostille (legalize or authenticate a document for international use) on your behalf.

 We understand that preparing all your documents to obtain a residency visa or residency can be challenging. Please allow us to make the process easier for you.

Watch other instructional videos for more info. Or click here for a list of Frequently Asked Questions. Feel free to contact us in order to answer all your questions. Click here to watch video in French, German, Italian or German.

Maria Abreu

Abreu & Associates

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