How to Get Married in the Dominican Republic

If considering becoming married while in the Dominican Republic to a Dominican or non-Dominican please familiarize yourself with the requirements per the Junta Central Electoral, the government agency that oversees and registers these nupcial proceedings. The link below in Spanish is directly from their website which we have taken the liberty to translate into English. If you are from the United States, our office can assist you apostilling (legalizing for international use) any needed documents while you are here to avoid having to travel back to your country of origin. REQUIREMENTS: A) Identity cards of the parties. B) Divorce Certificate (if they have been previously married). C) Death Certificate (if it is a widow or widower). D) Birth certificates of the contracting parties. E) Two (2) witnesses at least. Of the witnesses, two (2) at least can not be family or relatives directly or collaterally up to the third degree inclusive of the contracting parties. F) If they have children in common birth certificate (these must be previously recognized). G) In the cases of minors, birth certificate of the minor, parental certificate, consent of the latter, which may be granted at the time of the marriage ceremony or by authentic act or under a private signature duly legalized, when the minor has not reached the age of 16 and the minor has not turned 15, they require a minority dispensation issued by the First Instance Judge. In the absence of the parents, the consent may be granted by the grandparents. If there is dissent between the grandfather and the grandmother of the same line, the consent of the grandfather will suffice. Likewise, if there is dissent between the two lines, the tie produces consent. In the absence of parents or grandparents or the impossibility for them to express their will, the consent must be given by the family council. H) If the couple is going to marry under the legal regime of the separation of assets, it is mandatory to hand over to the Civil Status Official the authentic act instrumented for these purposes, which must be registered and duly notified. This act must be lifted prior to the celebration of the marriage. I) In the case of foreigners, birth certificate, passport, if the same is in Spanish and states the civil status as single (a) is not mandatory the presentation of the certificate of singleness. For all other cases, proof of singleness issued by the Civil Registry of the country of origin or residence of these. Note 1: In the case of foreigners, all documentation presented must be legalized and apostilled from the country of origin. In the case of a country that is not a signatory to the Hague Apostille Convention, the proof of declaration must be legalized by the Dominican consular authority accredited to the place where it was issued. If the document is not written in Spanish, it must be translated by a judicial interpreter and legalized by the Attorney General of the Republic and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In some cases, the translation can be done in the Dominican Consulate itself. Some Diplomatic Delegations accredited in Dominican territory receive the declaration of single citizenship. In the case of foreign citizens whose country of origin and residence does not have diplomatic relations with the Dominican Republic, this declaration of singleness can be made before a Dominican public notary, and must be legalized by the Attorney General's Office. Note 2: In the case of Italian citizens, the edict must not be dispensed, and the edict must be posted in a visible place of the Official Office three (3) days before, at least on the date on which the marriage will be celebrated. There will be a record in that sense. CIVIL MARRIAGE FEES - Celebration of marriage in the Civil Registry Office ... RD $ 3,000.00 - Celebration of marriage in the Oficialía when the contracting parties are foreign residents ... RD $ 3,000.00 - Celebration of marriage outside the Civil Registry Office ... RD $ 10,000.00 - Celebration of marriage in the Oficialía when one of the parties is a non-resident foreigner ... RD $ 10,000.00 - Celebration of marriage outside the Oficialía when the contracting parties are foreign residents ... RD $ 10,000.00 - Celebration of marriage outside the Oficialía when one of the parties is a non-resident foreigner ... RD $ 15,000.00 - Celebration of marriage when the contracting parties are non-resident foreigners ... RD $ 20,000.00


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Land of opportunity

The Dominican Republic is among the best places to buy real estate in 2016, and certain areas in this country are the absolute best places to be shopping for affordable beachfront retirement. In addition, for a CD with a bank in this country to earn as much as 5% for U.S. dollars and double digits on a Dominican Republic peso deposit.

World Bank review

The Dominican Republic has the largest economy of Central America and the Caribbean. The country has weathered the global economic crisis well and in 2010 experienced one of the highest growth rates in the region. The DR remains the most rapid economy in the region in 2014 and 2015, with a GDP hovering at 7 percent.

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The Dominican Republic is fast becoming a popular destination for expats. Each year, more and more people from Europe and the US are lured to this part of Hispaniola by the tropical climate, inexpensive properties and high rates of return on investments. Locals, who are known for their friendliness, curiosity and warm hospitality.

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