Three Steps To Dominican Residency

I was recently interviewed by a luxury property investment publication and they asked, “What are the steps to getting citizenship in the Dominican Republic?” I'm sure you have been wondering the same thing. So here's the deal when it comes to getting citizenship in the Dominican Republic... The first, and most important, thing that you have to understand is, in order to qualify for citizenship in the Dominican Republic you must first become a permanent resident. The three steps in this process are: Step #1 - Residency Visa Step #2 - Permanent Residency Step #3 - Citizenship Typically, foreign nationals must hold permanent residency status for two consecutive years to qualify for naturalization. Foreign investors, however, who get residency via the investment department can apply for citizenship within six (6) months of being issued the residency card. Applicants under this category must take the Dominican Nationality Test. You will need to be proficient in speaking and reading in Spanish. There’s also a naturalization or citizenship option through marriage. In this case, you must be married to a Dominican citizen for a minimum of two years and hold residency status for a minimum of six (6) months. Those who apply under this category do not require the Dominican Nationality Test. If your plan is to become a Dominican citizen and you’d like to get your residency process started, get in touch with me here. Again, the path to citizenship in the DR starts with becoming a resident. If you're not a resident yet, let us help you get started with the process today

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