Tourist Card/Visa Extendable to 120 Days

Content of circular DSAC / DAM 019020 of the Vice Ministry of Consular and Migratory Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Dominican Republic, is reported, reporting migratory categories, permanence, procedures, requirements and sanctions applicable to foreign citizens in the Dominican Republic:

- The migratory categories contemplated by the Migration Law No. 285-04 are Resident and Non-Resident. The tourist is Non-resident and is allowed to remain in the territory of R.D. for a period of up to 60 days renewable for another 60. 120 days in total.

- To apply for the extension, those who enter with a tourism card have 30 consecutive days in Dominican territory, who enter with a visa have 60 days, in accordance with Application Regulation No. 631-11 of Law No. 285-04.

- Foreigners who wish to reside in the Dominican Republic, staying in Dominican territory beyond the period allowed for Non-Residents, must be provided with a visa for residency purposes in the corresponding Dominican consular representation.

- Temporary residences, defined by art. 48 of Regulation No. 631-11 are for one year, renewable annually. In cases of family reunification, rentier and retired or pensioned (Article 50 of the same regulation) are renewed after one year after the issuance and every two years after the first renewal.

- Law 285-04 empowers the DGM (Directorate General of Migration) to declare illegal entry or stay of foreigners in Dominican territory, when they can not prove their situation in the country. Similarly, it allows you to apply for non-admission when they extend their tourist stay beyond the authorized extension to 120 days.

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