What if I Become ill in the Dominican Republic

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

The quality of medical care in the Dominican Republic has dramatically improved in the past decade.

According to InterNations, ¨the Dominican Republic is not far behind other developed countries and even offers far better services than other Caribbean nations in some areas. Its excellent reputation in the field of laparoscopic laser surgery and dentistry, for instance, attracts patients from the Virgin Islands, the Lesser Antilles, and other Caribbean countries who wish to take advantage of the high-quality care. However, most of these high-quality services are offered by private clinics which are well staffed and have the newest equipment. Fees range from DOP 400 to DOP 3,000 — around 65 USD — for the first visit, depending on the clinic. Make sure that your insurance covers treatments at these hospitals.¨

There are a number of health insurance companies in the Dominican Republic. Here a the top three providers in order of clients (highest first)

Humano (https://humano.com.do/)

Universal (https://www.arsuniversal.com.do/SitePages/Inicio.aspx)

Palic Salud (http://arspalicsalud.com.do/)

among others

All of these provide health insurance options that work overseas. These international insurances can be expensive depending on the deductible chosen.

Some choose to live near mayor medical facilities. These are typically found in the more populated cities like Santo Domingo and Santiago. Some of the areas with high concentrations of foreigners also have opened medical facilities that cater to this group such as in Sosua, Las Terrenas, and Bavaro. Yet you will be able to find inexpensive medical care almost anywhere at the local public hospitals especially for minor infirmities.

Here are some of the top private medical facilities in the Dominican Republic:

HOMS - Santiago (http://homs.com.do/en/)

Clinica Abreu - Santo Domingo (http://clinicaabreu.com.do/)

CEDIMAT - Santo Domingo (http://www.cedimat.com/en/)

among others

Santiago is about 1 and a half hours away from Puerto Plata.

Here is a list of doctors provided by the US Embassy: http://bit.ly/2D6Kmui

Please feel free to contact us in order to guide you obtain quality health insurance by an English-speaking person. I hope this information proves useful to your life in the Dominican Republic.

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