There are many readers of this article that have already decided they want a second passport in view of the economic crisis affecting a good number of countries around the world. The question that begs answering is why the Dominican Republic.

The following are some of the reasons why I not only promote residency and citizenship in the DR, but why I myself as an expat chose to naturalize here:

  • Growing economy

  • Low tax rates

  • Stable government

  • The ability to hold dual citizenship

  • No renewal costs (cost of renewing residency)

  • No physical presence required in the country to hold residency status

  • Investment opportunities

  • REAL ESTATE for a reasonable price you can obtain beautiful property with the most amazing views. In my case, commercial property in the most exclusive part of town.

  • Better quality of life

  • Low cost of living

  • Beautiful country which has diversity (not just mountains and beaches)

  • Friendly people

While there is no such thing as a perfect place, there is such a thing as an ideal place. Each individual must think about what they want out of the country they invest/reside in and then make a move. After analyzing all that the DR had to offer I made the decision that this was the place for me and ten years later I can tell you without a doubt, it was the best decision I ever made. I am hoping that by sharing the knowledge I can help others get closer to reaching their goal of diversification.

#GrowingEconomy #LowTaxRates #LowCostOfLiving #GreatInvestmentOpportunities #StableGovernment

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