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The real estate market is highly dependent on the activities of the government and on the legislation issued from under his pen. For example, the introduction of wealth taxes in France has led to a strong decline in demand for property, while the introduction of preferential obtaining a residence permit in Cyprus for a one-time purchase of property worth 200,000 € has increased the demand for property

We will analyze the economic situation in the following parts. In the meantime, we note the main thing: the stability of real estate prices depends very much on the stability of the political system in the country.

The object itself is highly dependent not only on the location and technical characteristics, but also on the cleanliness and literacy of the documents drawn up for it.

A bad location, from the point of view of the contingent, can give a good profit for the property owner, and, conversely, a good property in the city center can fall in price due to a decrease in traffic on a certain street.

You already understand how a careless investor, when building his own house, can lose millions of dollars due to a negligent attitude to legislation and paperwork for land and an object.


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