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Residency Visa...

All foreign nationals looking to remain in the country longer than sixty days and obtain legal status, must complete a two part residency process.  The first step is to obtain a RESIDENCY VISA via the Dominican Consulate in the country of origin which is stamped onto the passport prior traveling to the D.R.  Once the residency visa is issued, the foreign national will have sixty days to enter the country and start the second part of the residency process, Provisional Residency.

There are two ways we can process your Residency Visa (RS): 1)  From abroad: we can process the residency visa before your arrival to the country so that same is approved and stamped onto your passport before you travel. 2) From the Dominican Republic. You can apply for your Visa Residency immediately, we can work with you virtually  or in person.


  1. Payment.

  2. Bank statements for the last three months.

  3. Two frontal photos (2x2).

  4. Lab Test (HIV, drug test) and a letter from a Doctor stating that you do not have communicable diseases. For those already in the D.R. we provide information of facilities that perform the medical test and provide the medical certificate.

  5. Birth certificate (apostille or legalized)

  6. Certificate of good conduct from police (apostille or legalized)

  7. Copy of valid passport

  8. Provide the required documentation according to the visa category. (Work, retired, investment, married to a Dominican or a resident;  proof that you have been living in the country for long period).  If you are a missionary or NGO you will need a letter confirming your status from your organization.


  1. Visa application form

  2. Translation and legalization of all documents in Dominican Republic.

  3. Work letter (or status letter in the case of volunteers)

  4. Letter of intent

  5. Notarized letter of guarantee from a Dominican person

  6. Proof of solvency from guarantor

  7. Id from guarantor

  8. Consulate fee

  9. UPS charge (2)  


  1. Send us an email requesting our services

  2. When payment is received, we will send you the visa application.

  3. Fill out application, print a copy, sign and send to us.

  4. Send a copy of your birth Certificate with the apostille (click here for example of apostille) via email to start the translation process, along with a copy of the front page of your passport.

  5. Obtain Police Good Conduct Certificate with the Apostille.

  6. Take the photos, scan and send to us.

  7. Request your bank statements.

  8. Provide the required documentation regarding your category.(work, retired, investment, married to a Dominican or a resident;  proof that you have been living in the country for long period).

  9. Obtain Lab Test and Doctor’s letter. Send us a scanned copy.

  10. Make a complete copy of your passport, scan it and send it to us.

  11. We will start working with: application, guarantor letter and translation of documents.

  12. Once you have obtained all required documents send  via express courier to our office in Santo Domingo.

  13. We will send your file to the Consulate. Wait 30 days to receive the approval for the Residency Visa. Once approved, the residency visa will stamped onto your passport.

  14. You will have sixty days from the date that appears on your residency visa to arrive to the country to initiate the process for provisional residency, please make sure you bring all of your original documents and contact our office for an appointment.

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