At Abreu & Associates, we offer top quality certified translations of all your important documents. A certified translation is one generally required by an official institution such as a government body or court of law and it differs from any other translation in that it is accompanied by a Certificate of Accuracy. The Certificate attests to the originality of the translated document and its accuracy. It also includes the name and signature of the translator, as well as the date. If you are in need of a certified translation from or into Spanish, contact us now.

Certified Spanish Translators

Certified translations can generally only be carried out by translators who are certified themselves. At Abreu & Associates, we only work with professional certified translators with years of experience in a variety of fields. We require excellent linguistic abilities as well as background and cultural knowledge for each one of our translators so that you can rest assured that you get a service in which you can trust.

At Abreu & Associates, we are prepared to work with birth and death certificates, visas and other immigration papers, as well as transcripts and diplomas. We offer fast turnaround times and strict confidentiality because we understand the importance of efficiency and professionalism. We also offer excellent customer services because at Abreu & Associates there is always a representative available to talk to you and ensure you get exactly what you need. With us, getting your certified translation in Spanish is a fast and easy process.


  • US $20 -  translation per page

  • US $30 -  Dominican legalizations per document

Abreu & Associates is one of the leading immigration law firms in the country.

We look forward to helping you in making the right decisions and empowering your future in the Dominican Republic.

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Land of opportunity

The Dominican Republic is among the best places to buy real estate in 2016, and certain areas in this country are the absolute best places to be shopping for affordable beachfront retirement. In addition, for a CD with a bank in this country to earn as much as 5% for U.S. dollars and double digits on a Dominican Republic peso deposit.

World Bank review

The Dominican Republic has the largest economy of Central America and the Caribbean. The country has weathered the global economic crisis well and in 2010 experienced one of the highest growth rates in the region. The DR remains the most rapid economy in the region in 2014 and 2015, with a GDP hovering at 7 percent.

About Us

Our primary objective is to use our knowledge, experience and expertise regarding life in the Dominican Republic along with safe and sound business practices to assist all of our clients in creating the life they desire in the Dominican Republic.

Things to know

The Dominican Republic is fast becoming a popular destination for expats. Each year, more and more people from Europe and the US are lured to this part of Hispaniola by the tropical climate, inexpensive properties and high rates of return on investments. Locals, who are known for their friendliness, curiosity and warm hospitality.

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