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Picture of via and pasport
 Tourist Visa  
If you are planning to visit the country, you allowed to stay for a total of two month period. Upon arrival you will obtain a TOURIST VISA at the airport. 
 Student Visa 
Student visas are issued for travelers whose purpose is to study in the Dominican Republic and who have already been accepted by a Dominican educational institution. 
 Business Visa 
Business visas are issued for travelers with business, professional or commercial purposes. They are granted for one (1) entry within 60 days of being issued. 
 Business (Work) Visa 
Business visas are issued for work purposes to those who by nature of their occupation will remain in the Dominican Republic for a year without necessarily having to leave the country.
 Residency Visa 
All foreign nationals looking to remain in the country longer than sixty days and obtain legal status, must complete a two part residency process.
 Missionaries / NGOs
Missionaries are volunteers who move to a foreign country sent into an area to do evangelism or ministries of service.
NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) are legally constituted corporations created by natural or legal people that operate independently from any form of government.
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